Context of advocacy work

Policymaking is the process whereby the government and the authorities reach decisions, set out priorities, satisfy competing interest groups and lay down the underlying approaches to their work. The youth work sector is one such interest group and successful youth work has a key role in involving young people in decision-making. Yet youth workers and young people are confronted daily by the impact of policy decisions which increasingly in recent years value fast over slow approaches.

Across the partner countries, despite differing contexts and traditions, this research identified policy and practice requirements for Slow Youth Work. In looking towards the future, project partners and research participants are hopeful for policies and national standards frameworks which platform, promote and protect this work as a most valuable, unique, and specific profession which elevates young people’s inclusion, participation, and rights. It is hoped that these would resource the continued existence and sustainability of youth work, protect the profession and create legitimacy for its development and excellence. Across all project countries, it was recognised that the youth sector needs to value and be valued in influencing future policy and “pressuring” for proper implementation of existing policies