Current Situation

A recent (2021) European Commission Study of Youth Work in the EU found that 33% of youth workers felt that they are too busy. This was also reflected in the Slow Youth work project survey conducted with youth workers across the three project countries – Latvia, Ireland and North Macedonia. 45% of respondents felt that the pace of their work was too fast. 21% specified that most of their time was spent on administration, with only 18% spending most of their time in face-to-face work with young people. 30% indicated that prior to delivering a programme with a group of young people they do not have enough time to assess and understand their needs. 

Beyond only time related aspects, the project findings clearly demonstrate ways in which fast policy and programme demands and influences impact on youth work practice, highlighting how current youth policy favours quick solutions, many of which are short term, therapeutic based, individual  focused and measured using quantitative ‘measurement’ tools.

For more information please refer to the full research document here.