Union for Youth Work (Сојуз за младинска работа) is a national network of organizations – providers of youth work services in Macedonia. At the moment, the union consists of 16 member organizations with extensive experience in youth work, youth research, youth policy, youth participation etc. from throughout the country. The Union for Youth Work is active in the field of recognition, affirmation and quality improvement of youth work and its providers, systematization of youth work and support to youth workers in the country through creating a platform for network, cooperation and increasing public recognition about the value of youth work. Organization’s aim is to ensure a recognized youth work nationally and a solidified youth support system. The mission of UYW is to achieve recognized and standardized youth work, supported youth workers and raised public awareness about the importance of youth work. Its vision is to support the recognition of youth work and to build a system for supporting young people and youth workers, its monitoring, assessment, advancement and continuous development in order to ensure quality, efficient and effective support of the young person.

ContextEd is a newly established organisation, but its members have previously cooperated in various capacities. ContextEd is thus a reflection and the outcome of the precious collaborative work. The members of the organisation have been working together since 2013 in developing and implementing the annual EUtopia? Diversity in a Changing Europe training course which deals with unpacking Europe-wide socio-political processes and developing appropriate youth work responses to the youth-related implications of those processes. Observations of the changing youth work landscapes, with ever growing requirements and pressures, have lead the members of ContextEd to identify the need for a more in-depth reflection on the role of youth work in various contexts around Europe. The members of ContextEd who work on this project have so far engaged with this process through collaborating in writing about it in youth work related outlets and initiating discussions around it in European and national events. Their individual skills and expertise in project design and management and their professional interest in youth work quality, social inclusion, and advocacy work will contribute to the successful implementation of the project. ContextEd is the leading partner of the project “Supporting Long-term Outcomes With Youth Work” or SLOW Youth Work.

Beyond 96 is a voluntary youth group, established in 1996 to provide leadership opportunities for young people at local National and Cross Boarder level. The uniqueness of this group is that it was set up by young people for young people who wanted to play a more active role in their local communities. Since then Beyond 96 has grown to provide European mobility opportunities for young people through the Erasmus programme. While EVS has been its main activity, supporting the civic participation of young people is one of its core values. Beyond 96 believes that young people have the potential to bring about social change on issues affecting their lives. The organisation has more than 20 years of experience working with young leaders at local, national, cross border and international level. These young people come from some of the most marginalized areas in Ireland.